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The National Predictive Modeling Summit

Get detailed information about the National Predictive Modeling Summit, which provides the leading forum on the techniques, technologies, strategies, innovations, and case experiences involved with predictive modeling clinical and actuarial applications for health plans and related settings.

Data Analytics for Action & Impact: Transforming Data to Goal-Driven Insights for the Data-Rich yet Information-Poor

This two-day course will prepare functional managers and analytic practitioners to finally collaborate effectively and take control of the analytic process. "Data Analytics for Action & Impact" develops core skills for data analytics and lays the foundation for data-intensive analytic projects that deliver insight, clarity, confidence and actionable insight. View full course details and a schedule of upcoming productions for this immersive two-day training event.

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: PROJECT PLANNING

This fully unique course focuses on the most chronic and critical failing of the vast majority of advanced analytics implementations: project assessment, planning and design. The analytic professionals who apply the strategic principles conveyed within this course will obtain the rare soft skills to advance and stand out in this competitive practice. View full course details and a schedule of upcoming productions for this three-day training event.

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: MODEL DEVELOPMENT

The "Model Development" course dives into the data mining process at the tactical level. Attendees will observe live demonstrations of machine learning methods and computer-aided pattern discovery techniques for extracting and interpreting complex patterns and relationships from large volumes of data. Participants then participate in work-along labs that build upon an overall project. View full course details and a schedule of upcoming productions, for this hands-on two-day training event.

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION

This comprehensive work-along exposure to the full modeling process development methodology provides leaders and practitioners with the combined strategic and tactical orientations to predictive analytics. If you are a business or public sector leader or practitioner looking to propel your organization's analytic maturity and put predictive analytics to work for measurable gain, then this course is designed for you. View full course details and a schedule of upcoming productions for this five-day training event.

WEBINAR -- Data Mining - Failure to Launch: How to Get Predictive Modeling Off the Ground and Into Orbit

This free 90-minute live web event reveals the most common and costly pitfalls that cause the vast majority of predictive modeling projects to fall short of their potential. Take part in live polling and bring your best analytics questions to a lively Q&A session supported by three highly seasoned data mining experts. View full web event details and a sign up for a future production.

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