Predictive Modeling News is the Monthly Newsletter for health care professionals involved with Predictive Modeling. Predictive Modeling News is a monthly newsletter published by Health Policy Publishing LLC.

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Russell A. Jackson is the Editor of Predictive Modeling News. Mr. Jackson is a twenty-year veteran editor and writer on a variety of health care topics including Disease Management, Managed Care, Pharmaceutical and Clinical newsletters and articles. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Managed Care Outlook, Clinical Trials Advisor, The Nexus, and more than three dozen other newsletters, magazines, and newspapers throughout the United States.

About the Publisher:

Clive Riddle, is Publisher of Predictive Modeling News. Mr. Riddle is a 25+ year veteran in the health care industry, and is President of MCOL (www.mcol.com), the health care business information company. Prior to forming MCOL in 1995, Mr. Riddle served as CEO for a regional provider sponsored health plan for more than a decade. Mr. Riddle is based in Modesto, CA.

About Predictive Modeling:

Predictive Modeling provides a risk assessment and adjustment process that applies available data to identify persons "at risk" for much higher than average future medical service utilization. Predictive modeling can be used for functions including case management, disease management, needs assessment, quality improvement, premium rate setting, and provider reimbursement. Predictive Modeling requires an existing data repository, in which data is mined, and an analytic rules based model is applied from a historical timeframe to predict a future timeframe.

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